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Next Jet? Nextant!

If you’re looking for a business jet that can do both long and short flights in comfort, the Nextant should be your next choice.

June 30, 2023

When it comes to selecting your next business jet, there is a whole variety of factors that come into play, and the number of choices may seem endless and overwhelming. With various options available, factors like performance, range, amenities, avionics, and budget play crucial roles. However, to sum it up simply – it has to fit your needs. And the Nextant 400XT can fulfill most needs perfectly.

Nextant 400XT background information

Let’s take a brief look at the The Nextant 400XT. The jet itself is produced by Nextant Aerospace a company specializing in remanufacturing business jets, with the 400XT being its pilot product. Each 400XT starts its journey as a Beechjet 400A more commonly known as a Hawker 400XP. The jets then undergo a rigorous modernization process, with each jet taking over 6,000 man-hours to complete. By the end of the process the Nextant 400XT becomes an almost whole new business jet ready to take to the sky. The overhaul increases the jet’s range by 50%, cuts its climb time by a third and reduces its operating costs by 29%. In total there were 63 Nextant 400 XT/XTi produced and 10% of the active fleet is currently on the market for sale. In short it, outshines its competitors with its unique blend of superior features, enhanced performance, and remarkable value. However, speaking about the business jet in universal terms might only give you a general overview, so let’s move to some specifics.

Propelled by a pair of Williams jet engines

The Nextant 400XT is powered by a pair of revolutionary Williams FJ44-3AP engines manufactured by Williams International. These are exponentially lighter than their predecessors and have better fuel economy, giving the 400XT an exceptional flight range. With an impressive range reaching distances of 3,710 km with 4 people aboard, this jet can effortlessly traverse vast distances, connecting global destinations with ease. It’s also worth noting that the jet engines are enrolled in the TAP Elite engine maintenance program.

With its 406 knots of long-range cruise speed and a high-speed cruise speed of up to 447 knots, the Nextant puts its competitors on notice. At a moment’s notice, the jet can whisk you away from your business meeting in Zurich to a well-deserved beach holiday in Marbella. And it can do it swiftly, in style and cost-efficiently.

A cabin configuration seating 7 people

While you might be impressed with all the bells and whistles the jet offers in terms of performance, fuel economy and range, there is one other thing on your mind: “how comfortable is it?” Well, step into the cabin of the 400 XT and see for yourself with our 360 view of the jet. Seating seven, the cabin went through a partial refurbish in 2021. The seating configuration sports a center four-place club seating arrangement, a two seat forward facing side divan and a belted lavatory. It is designed with all amenities in mind, including a custom refreshment center, to provide passengers with a comfortable ride to their next destination.

Plush, handcrafted seats offer exceptional comfort, while the giant retractable tables provide you with ample space to conduct business meetings easily, or a round of poker to pass the time. The cabin is designed to provide a tranquil and productive environment, equipped with noise reduction technologies to minimize inflight disturbances and universal 100 AC outlets to charge your devices. Whether for business or leisure, the Nextant 400XT ensures a comfortable and enjoyable journey.

Rockwell Collins Avionics for Enhanced Safety

The Nextant 400XT is designed to meet the evolving demands of modern aviation, and it doesn’t compromise when it comes to avionics. To ensure top-notch performance and safety, the aircraft is equipped with the state-of-the-art Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite. This advanced system is at the forefront of aviation technology, delivering enhanced situational awareness, precise navigation capabilities, and streamlined flight operations. Marián Jančařik, CEO of Jetron: “It is very intuitive for the pilots and significantly improves safety with numerous features which help pilots to mitigate risks and avoid potential hazard.“

Pilots can confidently rely on the Pro Line 21 to enhance their awareness of the surrounding airspace, effectively manage their flights, and make informed decisions. With over 4,600 business aircraft already equipped with this trusted system, the Pro Line 21 has proven its reliability and effectiveness in real-world applications.

Whether soaring across continents or embarking on a short-haul journey for business or pleasure, the Nextant 400XT promises a pleasing experience for those who seek to traverse the skies in comfort and style. Strap in, buckle up, and prepare to embark on your next journey, be it a city break or beach holiday; the Nextant 400XT will get you there safely and comfortably.

One special Nextant 400XT for sale

As is the case with all Nextants, this specific 400XT in our listing also started off its life as Beechjet 400, undergoing its conversion and remanufacturing process in 2012. After being delivered it has been in the hands of a single owner and operator. As far as the basic stats go, the airframe has been in operation for a total of 7 328:37 hours since conversion and has gone through 4,444 total cycles. The pair of engines on this Nextant, has been in operation for 7 199:01 since they were new and have accumulated 4 372 total cycles, which means that the jet has thousands of hours more of flight hours ahead of it and can deliver you to your favorite destinations near or far. From the visual side, the jet boasts a Chevron White and Black Metallic colorway adorned with Starlight Silver, Cumulus Gray, Light Gray stripes.

Buying a jet

The jets rarely spend too many days on the market – less than 3 months on average – since they keep proving to be a very popular option offering a lot of bang for the buck. 12 jets found new owners in the last year alone, so there is no doubt that the Nextant 400XT is in high demand. If you’re looking to upgrade your travel experience and you think the Nextant should be your next jet, take your first steps towards jet ownership and don’t hesitate to contact us for pricing and details.

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Marian Jancarik - Jetron’s Managing Director.

Marian Jancarik

JETRON’s Managing director
Marian is more than 20 years in aviation. You can read about his career path here. In his free time, Marian loves to play golf, ski and spend some quality time with family and friends.

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