Sell your jet and maximize your gross happiness.

We go beyond finding a buyer with the highest bid. We run a diligence on prospects to ensure that the overall process will maximize your profit. Your time and energy included.

We won’t let it go. Until it is gone.

Our market intelligence team says that every aircraft is sellable. It’s just about finding the right ratio between the price and the time period in which we want the jet to be sold.

Rely on our top experts in the areas of aviation, marketing, sales and legal.

We know how to attract relevant prospects and how to sell your aircraft in a way which meets your expectations.

Want to get the most ouf of the sale?

Download our Business jet seller’s guide – the guide to help you minimize the cost of your jet ownership thanks to the timely handover of your aircraft. Explore our tips and details of the transaction process.

Get a free basic market evaluation of your jet!

Are you curious about the current value of your jet? Drop us a line and we will prepare a comprehensive report on the selling price of your aircraft.

Decades-long experience and a modern approach combined. That’s Jetron.

More than 50 successfully completed transactions with approximately $ 331 millions in value are not a coincidence. Our 20 years of experience, tailor-made solutions, and a high level of discretion are truly valuable assets for our clients. Become one of them.

Save yourself money and time. Get your jet deal done with us.

Marian Jancarik - Jetron’s Managing Director

We will cover the whole process from the ground up


Appraisal and market evaluation

Based on the data we provide, you can decide whether or not you want to sell your jet.

Goal setting

We need to know what is important for you - the duration of the transaction or the price only.

Preparation of marketing materials and a review of aircraft records

We need to know what we are selling. The accuracy and design of marketing materials are equally important for successful marketing and sales processes.

Targeting audience and selecting marketing channels

Our expertise helps us determine potential buyers and essential areas to adjust the campaign and use the appropriate marketing channels.

The lead generation, assessment of offers and negotiations

We guide you through a variety of leads and offers (LoIs) to help match you to your perfect fit.

Due Dilligence - The buyer’s process

An initial review and Pre-Purchase Inspection.

We oversee the process efficiently which allows us to progress to the final stage in a timely manner.

Closing, delivery and handover

Flying the aircraft to the delivery location and finally closing the transaction. Transferring the title and funds ends the whole process.

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