We succeed with flying colors

Our team members have been involved in all facets of business aviation, from pre-owned aircraft sales, new aircraft sales, aircraft operations to aircraft maintenance and aircraft management.

Make use of our 20 years-long experience. Get your aircraft deal done with the wind at your back.

Who we are

We are a Central Europe-based private aircraft brokerage and asset advisory house.

Our main activities are the purchase and resale of pre-owned private aircrafts around the world and providing advice to aircraft owners, lenders and institutions, about the resale value of their assets.

We coordinate marketing and sales efforts throughout the world and we have successfully represented a variety of aircrafts on behalf of clients - all worldwide.

It’s all about trust. Thanks heavens, we have it on board!

I have spent my whole career life in aviation. To succeed, it is necessary to have different types of skills, soft and hard. But there is one thing which cannot be taught – building trust, above all.

I am proud to have earned it among several clients around the world.

Beginning at 2013 up till 2021 I have been responsible for pre-owned aircraft sales in Central and Eastern Europe region as Sales Director at London-based aircraft broker.

In the period between 2010 and 2013, I lived and worked in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where I represented Embraer as the exclusive Area Sales Representative in the region. I built the operation and ran it fully, giving Embraer further product recognition in the region and building a strong database of Embraer customers.

From 2005 to 2010, as the CEO/Chairman of the Board of Directors of ABS Jets in Prague and later Managing Director of ABS Jets in Bratislava, the largest Legacy 600 operator in Central Europe, and the Embraer representative for the region. My experience in all aspects of aviation gives me a full knowledge of all parts of a transaction, from the initial location of a buyer through to the in depth technical knowledge needed and the operational experience necessary to make the transition to the new owner incredibly smooth.

Between 2000 and 2005 I was the General Director of Seagle Air – air transport of passengers, cargo and flight training company.

Me and the whole JETRON team are ready to earn your trust as well. We will be honoured if you give us a chance to prove it.

Marian Jancarik
Managing director

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