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Gulfstream G550 an icon of the skies and the screen

Not all jets are created equal and rarely do any of them make it to the status of an icon. However, Gulfstream managed to do just that, both as a brand and with its individual models.

July 24, 2023

In the business jet world, there is no shortage of models and jet manufacturers to choose from; you can take your pick according to what best suits your needs. Not all jets are created equal and rarely do any of them make it to the status of an icon. However, Gulfstream managed to do just that, both as a brand and with its individual models. You’ve probably heard a lot of songs dedicated to various car brands, but ask yourself, how many times have you heard songs and verses dedicated to specific jets?

Beyond songs, you’ve probably seen a lot of the Gulfstream 550 in movies and television series without realizing it. For example, the team at the BAU in Criminal Minds would often fly across the US in a G550 while investigating crimes. Meanwhile Ari from Entourage, played by Jeremy Piven would jet set around in a G550 in a few episodes. And if you’re a fan of Tom Clancy’s books, specifically from the Jack Ryan universe, then you’ve probably read about the characters flying around in a Gulfstream on their way to missions and negotiations. Simply put the Gulfstream G550 has cemented its icon status in popular culture.

Gulfstream G550 background information

The Gulfstream G550 is manufactured by General Dynamics’ Gulfstream Aerospace and had a production run from 2003 up until the last commercially available jet was delivered in June 2021. In total over 600 jets had been manufactured over a span of 18 years. The number of jets produced is just another testament to its popularity. The jet was produced based off of its predecessor the Gulfstream V, with improvements in drag reduction allowing it to expand its range by 250 nautical miles or 460 kilometers. Additionally, its maximum takeoff weight increased by 230 kilograms. The standard retail price for these magnificent jets when new was somewhere at the 60 million USD mark. However, well-kept and maintained models that have gone through refurbishment can be bought for a fair price. Speaking off which lets look at the specifics.

Powered by Rolls Royce jet engines

While we’ve already established that the G550 is an icon, the manufacturer of the jet engines is equally if not more famous. The jet is powered by a duo of Rolls-Royce RRCC BR710 C4-11 engines. They have a thrust rating of up to 15,500 lb and provide excellent take off and climb capabilities, allowing the jet to fly above commercial traffic, which in turn makes it both fuel and time efficient. And let’s not forget the amazing flight range of 12,501 km, so you won’t have to worry about stops or layovers when planning trans-continental flights.

There are over 3000 RRCC BR710 C4-11 engines in service which have accumulated over 11 million flight hours: a testament to their reliability. The engines are also enrolled in the Rolls-Royce CorporateCare program - a comprehensive, fixed-cost engine maintenance management plan. This allows you to rest easy in the case of unforeseen costs.

A cabin that can accommodate 16 people

We’ve rolled through the impressive pop-culture history, the technicalities of jet engines and their reliability and now it’s on to the next course, and let’s be honest the one that probably interests you the most – comfort. Well let’s find out using our 360 view of the jet interior. Boasting a configuration that can seat 16 passengers, the cabin went through a partial refurbishment in 2020 - new carpets, new divans, a galley countertop, new sinks and faucets, and the seats getting refurbished.

As for the seating configuration itself it can be divided into three parts – the forward cabin, mid cabin and aft cabin. The forward cabin has a configuration of four place club seating with fold-out tables, meanwhile the mid cabin sports a 4-Place conference group with a dining table credenza with storage drawers, and the aft cabin has two opposite facing divans that seat four each. And lets not forget two fully enclosed lavatories. There is also a designated area for crew rest.

A unique Gulfstream G550 for sale

If you’d like to fly around like your favorite fictional characters or athlete legends such as Tiger Woods, who owns one of these wonderful machines, look no further. There is a unique one for sale. Starting off with the basic stats, both airframe and pair of Roll-Royce engines has been in operation for a total of 6281:48 hours and has gone through 2230 total cycles since new. So, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to fly to long-haul destinations, like London to New York, for years to come. We also cannot leave out the looks. With the G550 getting a new exterior paintjob in January 2022 the jet is now painted in a tasteful Light Beige base color decorated with Saturn Brown and Platinum Metallic stripes.

Join an elite club of Gulfstream G550 owners!

We have already mentioned a few fictional characters and one proud real-life owner of the Gulfstream G550. However, there exists an entire elite club of A-listers who own and utilize G550s for both business and leisure purposes. Let’s begin with Elon Musk, the Chief of Tesla and Twitter. With an impressive portfolio of companies, he likely employs the G550 to conveniently travel between his various headquarters and branches located across the United States and around the world. Moving on to two legends in their respective fields, we have Michael Jordan, the holder of six NBA rings and the iconic figure behind the Jumpman logo and number 23, and Tom Brady, the renowned seven-time Super Bowl Champion and five-time Super Bowl MVP. In the intersection of business and sports, Mark Cuban, the head honcho of the Dallas Mavericks and one of the Sharks on “Shark Tank,” proudly owns a G550 in his fleet. Lastly, we have George Lucas, the visionary creator of Star Wars, to whom generations owe their enriched childhoods, filled with lightsaber battles, TIE fighters, and the unforgettable presence of Darth Vader.

If you you’d like to join this elite club and see yourself aboard this elegant Gulfstream, jet setting from one exotic destination to the next or using it for quick city breaks don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll happily provide you with all the relevant details.

Marian Jancarik - Jetron’s Managing Director.

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