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Non-standard way of selling – No Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI)

The situation on the pre-owned market allows sellers to set relatively non-standard terms of sale.

January 16, 2022

The situation on the pre-owned private aircraft market has evolved in such a way that the lack of aircraft available for sale has allowed sellers to set relatively non-standard terms of sale, which was not entirely common in the past. New listings will not last long on the market and therefore potential buyers must act quickly. The purchase of aircraft without PPI (Pre-Purchase Inspection) has become a relatively common trend now and days, but this creates a relatively high risk of unexpected costs, which may not appear immediately, but may represent a significant increase in the budget in the future. The buyer must therefore make sure that he is willing to take such a risk. Quite often we also encounter a situation where the aircraft is offered on the market already with PPI done. Either this initiative of the seller has one goal, to speeding up the sales process or it was just the result of inventory sales which we see more often in this market condition. We do recommend studying the scope of the PPI performed carefully and to undertake also some risk assessment whether the place where it was done deems to be impartial for all concerned.

Marian Jancarik - Jetron’s Managing Director.

Marian Jancarik

JETRON’s Managing director
Marian is more than 20 years in aviation. You can read about his career path here. In his free time, Marian loves to play golf, ski and spend some quality time with family and friends.

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